The teaser trailer for The Battle of the Five Armies did evil things and not only gave me a ficlet plot bunny, but one for a whole story. Darn you, trailer! And the worst part is, it was just one tinsy little scene in said trailer :( Anyway, here we are. Another story. I'll just go kill myself now :D

Some things are fated, but at times, fate can be changed and a world on the verge of destruction can once more be filled with life and joy. Will Bilbo be able to break the spell the gold has placed upon the leader of the Company, or has Thorin already passed the point of no return? Have their death warrants been signed, or is there still a chance to make things right?

For a list of the available chapters, please see below.

Chapter 1 - I Will Have War
Chapter 2 - The Burglar's Admission
Chapter 3 - Just a Stone