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Translation of Khuzdul: Ukr‚d - greatest heart. ¬zyungel - love of love (greatest love). Ughvash‚ - greatest treasure.

Interlude - Tonight

Thorin lead them back inside, waiting for a moment while Bilbo closed the balcony doors. He smiled as he saw the table, a perfect mixture of dwarven and hobbit tableware and the flowers were a reminder of spring that would come eventually, taking with it all the snow that was piling up outside. Or maybe Bilbo had been thinking of autumn, for they were flowers of autumn, and what that season would mean for the both of them this year. He smiled to himself as he thought of the celebration that would be upon them in nine months, less than nine months now. Bilbo would finally be his completely, and he would belong to none other but his hobbit. As much as he would lay claim to the hobbit, Bilbo would claim him in turn and his heart sped up with longing.

"I hope you like it," Bilbo was biting his lower lip, his gaze averted. "It's just...I wanted tonight to be just about us, you and me. I wanted show you how proud I am of you. How proud I am to be with you." Slowly he raised his eyes to meet Thorin's, and within those grey pools was such warmth, such wonder that the king nearly staggered backwards from the intensity of it. "You surprised me, and I wouldn't be too astonished if we heard that our two resident Balrog Slayers suffered from a heart attack once Erestor told them the news. They hadn't even told Elrond if you can believe that. Facing Balrogs, sure, but not you nor Elrond. Go figure." The dwarf chuckled at that. It really did seem like it. He stood up straighter suddenly, his chest puffed with pride. "Oh don't do that. They might be scared of you, but I'm not. Haven't been ever since you embraced me on the Carrock, so just cut it out."

If Bilbo ever called him on it, he would deny it...but Thorin Oakenshield, King of Erebor, pouted at that. And it wasn't covert either. It was a full-on, bottom lip pushed forward pout that would make KŪli proud of his uncle. "You are far too sure of yourself, my betrothed. I don't know if I can deal with it."

"Oh, I'm sure you can. After all, you want me to be like this, don't you? You want me to be your co-ruler, do you not? And as such..." Bilbo trailed off and Thorin huffed. But all of a sudden he had an armful of hobbit, and he knew he could deal with anything. "But Thorin, they were bowing again to me today, and told me how happy they were to have my custom. It's so hard to get used to that. Even though..." He stepped away and Thorin let him go reluctantly. "Back in the Shire, people were saying the exact same thing. I wonder, though, whether that was more to do with the rumours of Bag End and the gold that I supposedly brought home from my travels. They never knew that I would have traded it all in to have you back."

The dwarf nodded, "You have me now, though. And I'm never leaving you again." A small smile graced Bilbo's face at those words, and he once again wrapped his arms around Thorin, his face buried in the furs of the king's cloak. "And know this; despite of what you may think, the dwarves here do not honour you because of gold or titles. They love you because of who you are. Not the Saviour of Erebor, nor the future consort of their King. They love you for being Bilbo Baggins of the Shire...or of Erebor as it were. They adore the hobbit who has chosen to live amongst them over the rolling hills of New Delving, or indeed the new hobbit settlement that will be built near the Mountain. They have seen now how you help us all. Though I have heard whispers... There is a worry that you might grow tired of their broody old King and leave."

The headshake came immediately and Bilbo was beaming up at him. "I'd sooner go without any food for a whole age of the world than leave you. And broody? I don't even know what they could possibly mean by that." He winked and Thorin had to lean down and kiss his beloved. Bilbo sighed happily into the kiss before breaking it to run his fingers through the dwarf's hair. "I guess as I learn to accept all the honours they bestow upon me, they will learn that I'm here to stay. Just like I would have stayed in the Lonely Mountain if you hadn't..." There was only the briefest glimpse of pain in Bilbo's eyes and then he swallowed and soldiered on. "If you hadn't gone to Aman to prepare a new home for us. I would have stayed. And if you had upheld the banishment, I would have fought you teeth and nails until you'd have seen reason. Though I somehow think you wouldn't have been able to for too long. The Company may have forced you into taking it back." And the smirk was back, as was the twinkle in Bilbo's eyes.

"I don't know what I would have done, but I know that the gold had lost its hold over me the moment you walked away, the moment I forced you to leave." The hobbit cupped his face then, stroking Thorin's cheeks with his thumbs. "But I don't think I could have let you go. Even if I'd have fought you initially, I don't think I would have been able to resist for too long. We were meant to be together, Bilbo. And nothing could ever change that, not even my own stubbornness." And as the hobbit raised an eyebrow, he added, "I will never confirm that I said this by the way, just in case you're getting ideas. I'm not stubborn at all, it's all in your head, ukr‚d." Then he rested his forehead against Bilbo's and they both stood like that for a few minutes. Until the hobbit's stomach began to rumble.

Bilbo blushed and smiled apologetically. "Food?" The dwarf nodded and took his seat. Taking the wine bottle that was handed to him, he filled the two glasses; elven crystal Thorin noted with a sigh. "They were a gift, Master Oakenshield. And as such, we will be using them, so stop pretending you're upset. Because I know it's but a pretense." Thorin shrugged. "I'll get everything out of the kitchen, so please give me a moment or two." And indeed it didn't take much longer than that. Bilbo was clearly half-starved already. "I made some salad..." Thorin's eyes narrowed. "And a venison roast and pie. And some taters." That was better. Even though the dwarf had to admit that the salad looked quite nice as well, especially with the small pieces of bacon Bilbo had added to it.

He got up then and pulled out Bilbo's chair for him, using the opportunity to place a gentle kiss on the hobbit's cheek. "Thank you," he whispered in his beloved's ear and a smile appeared on Bilbo's face, spreading until those small lines around his eyes crinkled up and the dwarf had to kiss them as well. But then the hobbit's stomach growled yet again, and with a chuckle, Thorin let go of his betrothed and took his own seat again. "It all looks lovely, Bilbo. If I tell our dearest nephews they will be green with envy. Unless you would be willing to prepare such a feast again and let them join us?"

Bilbo gave him a glare that would sent lesser dwarves into a fit of tears, and he was wise enough to at least look somewhat sheepish. "Of course I would. In case you haven't noticed I'm a hobbit, and hobbits love to cook. Though...if you missed it until now, I think we have a serious problem on our hands." He pretended to be honestly concerned for a moment before laughing. "No, I don't think anyone could mistake me for a beard, pointy ears, hairy feet..."

"And the biggest heart I ever had the pleasure to behold." Thorin raised his glass then, gazing into those beautiful grey eyes. "To us and our future together, my betrothed." Bilbo swallowed and nodded, bringing his own glass to the dwarf's. The wine was rich in flavour and Thorin could tell that it would complement the venison perfectly. "Bloody elves," he muttered under his breath, but loud enough for Bilbo to hear and he simply shook his head at Thorin. "Well, maybe they will be willing to share the secrets of winemaking with us, otherwise we will just have to rely on our resident hobbit."

"I don't think Frodo knows all that much about making wine, but you feel free to ask him," Bilbo deadpanned. And then his hand went to his chest in mock-surprise. "Oh, you mean me? Well, next time express yourself better, Master Oakenshield. Just so there's no confusions." Thorin felt tempted to stick out his tongue at the halfling, but he wasn't a dwarfling anymore and there was only so much his pride would allow him to do. So he just shrugged and loaded his plate with a sample of everything laid out before him, even the salad. Bilbo did so too, and for the longest time they were silently enjoying their meal.

Eventually, Thorin sat back and took another drink from his glass. "This was truly a joy. Thank you, Bilbo."

The hobbit beamed, quickly gathered up the dishes and returned them and the leftovers to the kitchen. After a few minutes he came back with a small cake and a bowl of fruit. The bowl he placed near the fireplace before joining Thorin at the table. "Let me just get the cream." Berries and cream, and the fireplace. His mind was suddenly in overdrive, conjuring up images that made him gasp and he felt himself growing hard again. He squirmed in his seat just as Bilbo returned with a bowl of freshly whipped cream, a smirk on his face as if he knew about Thorin's predicament. "I believe the cake can wait, don't you?" He smiled slyly, setting down the cream next to the bowl of fruit and beckoned for the dwarf to join him. "Sit down in your armchair, my love." Thorin did as instructed, unable to stop moaning as the hobbit sank to his knees before him. "Let me take of your boots and then I'm sure I'll find a way to make you more comfortable..."

The boots were dealt with in record time, and Bilbo licked his lips as he pushed Thorin's legs further apart so he could kneel between them. Fingers were skimming over the lacings of his breeches even while his clever hobbit opened the king's heavy belt with the other hand. Thorin lifted just the slightest bit to divest himself of both his furs and coat before sinking back in the softness of the armchair. With a smile, Bilbo reached under the tunic, pushing it up, but just enough to open the lacings of the breeches. But he didn't push them apart. Instead, he began massaging Thorin through the fabric, making him groan with need. "Please, Bilbo..."

"Well, since you're asking so nicely." With another smirk, Bilbo freed Thorin from his clothing and swallowed him whole. The dwarf forced himself not to thrust up into that moist heat, but he couldn't stop his hands from burying themselves in Bilbo's auburn curls. The hobbit hummed his agreement, leaning slightly into the touch of the strong dwarven hands. And then he set out to make Thorin forget his own name. Swallowing around his length, Bilbo pressed his tongue to the underside before moving up to swivel it around the sensitive head. And then he resumed the motion again and again until the dwarf saw stars and bit his lower lip to keep from moaning. Not that it worked. Soon he was reduced to whimpers and when Bilbo ran one hand up his chest again to pinch a nipple, Thorin let out a strangled groan and fell to pieces, safe in the knowledge that his betrothed was there to catch him.

And Bilbo did. Swallowing to catch every last bit of Thorin's essence, the hobbit held him down as he rode out the waves of pleasure. Afterwards, Bilbo sat back on his legs, licking his lips. "Almost as good as the best food," he whispered, which,coming from a hobbit, was the greatest compliment imaginable. "Now, what should we do with you?" There was a gleam in Bilbo's eyes that spoke of his playfulness, but also his love. That was always there, even during the most delicious tortures he could concoct for Thorin. He crawled closer again, hands on his tunic. He pushed it up slowly, trailing kisses as he exposed the dwarf's skin. Finally it was pushed off and the hobbit stood, pulling Thorin with him.

The king raked his eyes over the hobbit's still fully clad form, hands reaching for the buttons of the halfling's shirt, but the were swatted away. "Bilbo?" His betrothed simply shook his head and once again dropped to his knees to pull down Thorin's breeches and smallclothes.

"Lie by the fire, ‚zyungel. On the furs. I'll join you momentarily." The dwarf's hands itched to touch Bilbo's naked skin but he forced himself to be patient and once again followed the hobbit's wishes. Padding over to the fireplace, Thorin once again smiled to himself. Bilbo had indeed planned all of this to the smallest detail. The furs were warm and soft under his bare feet and when he turned, his hobbit stood before him with the berries and cream. "I don't know where they found these, but they must have come from somewhere in the south where they don't get snows. Just some raspberries and blackberries, but they are juicy and sweet." Juicy and sweet... 'Just like Bilbo,' his mind provided helpfully, and Thorin had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from laughing.

Instead he pulled the hobbit, bowls and all, flush against his chest, tilting his head up just so and kissed him tenderly, still tasting himself when his tongue delved into the moist cave of Bilbo's mouth. "Ughvash‚," he whispered once they parted, "my beautiful burglar." Bilbo's eyes were dilated, and had been for a while now, and Thorin reached down to cup his hardness through the fabric of the hobbit's trousers. Bilbo gasped at the touch, unable to keep his hips from bucking to increase the friction. "Won't you let me do something about this? It feels quite...constricted." His own member was stirring again and he longed to be one with his beloved. He would never grow tired of this, never bore of having the smaller creature in his arms and by his side. They would have to thank Gandalf for bringing them together. At some point. Most definitely not now.

Bilbo shook his head again, stepping back. "Later..." He was breathing rather heavily, and Thorin smirked before lying down against the furs. One arm under his head, he reached for the hobbit with the other, wondering how he must be looking to Bilbo. His naked body lying against the furs, the light of the fire dancing on his skin, his burgeoning hardness dark against his thigh. Like an offering, he guessed, and if there was one person in Eš he would allow to see him like this, it was Bilbo. His hobbit, who was swallowing several times before taking the proffered hand, knelt by the dwarf's side. "Beautiful," he whispered, "You are more beautiful than anything and anyone else I have ever seen."

Taking a deep breath, Bilbo suddenly straddled him, the hobbit still fully clothed and it drew a shudder from Thorin. "Stay still," the hobbit whispered, and Thorin obediently buried his hands in the furs, clawing at them, the need to touch his beloved becoming almost overpowering. Especially when Bilbo's nimble fingers began to undo the buttons of his shirt, revealing the pale skin beneath. The silk slipped from his arms and was discarded without paying it any further notice. Then Bilbo reached for the bowl of berries, choosing a raspberry and dipped it into the cream. He brought it to Thorin's mouth, tracing his lips before he relinquished it and the sweetness of it exploded on the dwarf's tongue. But that sweetness was nothing compared to the kiss the hobbit then bestowed upon him...sweet and passionate and full of promise.

More berries were pressed to his lips, some they shared between them in kisses that grew more and more heated. And by the time Bilbo trailed heated kisses down the king's neck and chest, paying special attention to his nipples, Thorin was reduced to whimpers, hands straining to caress, to touch. "Please..." Dear AulŽ, he sounded so very needy, but this was Bilbo, and the hobbit had seen the worst of him. It was only right he should also see just what he was doing to the proud dwarven king. "More please."

Bilbo smirked and then there was a vial of oil in his hands, and Thorin sighed relieved. The vial was placed by the fire to warm it while Bilbo lifted off to remove his trousers, and the dwarf gasped when he saw that they were indeed all the hobbit had been wearing. Bilbo chuckled, "Hobbits are creatures of pleasure, Master Dwarf, and if we can we will plan accordingly. Though...I'm not sure all hobbits would go for this understanding of pleasure, I blame you for that entirely."

"I gladly take the blame for that, Burglar, and more if you will just hurry up." Bilbo nodded as he stroked himself once or twice. And just as Thorin was about to wrap his strong legs around the hobbit's hips to give him better access, Bilbo crawled on top of him again and... "By Durin's beard, Bilbo!" His betrothed had coated his fingers with the warm oil, which Thorin had expected. But then...he had reached around himself and... The dwarf's brain could hardly comprehend what the hobbit was doing. He grew harder still and his self-restraint and control snapped and he drew the halfling down into a kiss that left them both breathless.

Soon, Bilbo was ready, and his hands wrapped around Thorin's hardness, spreading oil. Then he lifted, moved upwards, and... "Oh Valar, Thorin..." Slowly he sank down until he was once more seated in the dwarf's lap. Only this time, the dwarf was buried deep inside his beloved's body, velvety heat surrounding him. Then Bilbo began to move and his normally so gentle face turned to a mask of desire. Thorin matched his movements, thrusting up when the hobbit pushed down, trying to angle himself just so. And he smirked the moment Bilbo groaned loudly...he had found what he'd been looking for. Over and over he brushed that spot, reducing the hobbit to incoherent babbling.

They were both nearing the precipice, and Thorin wrapped his hand around Bilbo, stroking him on each upward thrust and before long, he fell apart, taking his betrothed with him. The hobbit slumped forward, shudders convulsing his body, and Thorin held him until he stilled. "Sweet AulŽ..." His burglar lifted his head and nodded, slowly sitting up and pulling himself off of the dwarf. Thorin didn't know where the warm cloth came from, and didn't care.

Bilbo cleaned them both and then stood, extending his hand to the king. "I think it's time for some cake now." And Thorin chuckled and took the proffered hand.