Now you will wonder "Who is this Eowyn?" Fair question and here is an attempt to answer it. In case you're not satisfied with it, be sure to check out my LiveJournal Eowyn's Journal. Just be warned that only some entries (and the stories) are unlocked. If you really want to read more about me, leave a comment, and I'll add you to my friends list. And yes, I know, the title is very creative *smirks*

I'm a student of English Literature, Ethnology (used to be Spanish but I changed my subject recently) and Intercultural Business Communications. Besides that I'm working at our university's library to make a little money (I don't get any grants or scholarships from our government anymore, and books for uni tend to be quite expensive).

In the spare time that remains I'm studying for uni or read books (actually I'm not only reading authors like Jane Austen for uni but also because I love them ...). Besides that, I love going to the movies (believe it or not, but by now I've seen Harry Potter II three times), listening to music (got three new CDs for Christmas), surfing the net, and, of course, creating graphics. I don't really remember what started me in this field, but I think it must have been receiving an evaluation version of PaintShopPro on a CD.

So in 2000 I decided to go online with a couple of, well, not really good sets I have to admit. But by now I'm even making a little money with my graphics, so I can't be that bad after all.

As I mentioned, I love reading books. Now I was never much of a fan of fantasy literature, though even our literature professor said that e.g. "The Mid-Summer Night's Dream" by Shakespeare has some fantastic elements in it. There you go :) Anyway, a friend got Tolkien's "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings" for Christmas one year and from that day on she nagged me to read the books as well. And you know, if you hear "Won't you read this?" every time you see someone, you give in eventually, just to stop your friend from nagging you anymore.

Well, what can I say, a new Tolkien-fan was born :) The same happened with the Harry Potter books, however I never had to read the German version of them as my friend had bought the English versions right away.

Now, during my studies I met yet another Tolkien fan (Undomiel) which got us to be friends. But when I got her to watch the first "Harry Potter" movie and got her addicted to the world of J.K. Rowling, she in turn, nagged me into writing fan-fiction :( She even got me to read slash fan-fic of LotR (though I refrain from reading anything with Aragorn *lol* - well, at least I did until a couple of days ago *sigh*). Honestly, I think I'm choosing my friends in the wrong way *grin*

This site came into being, when Undomiel decided to create a site for all her nice odds and ends related to LotR, and maybe HP (not so sure about the later). So I suggested that I could host her site, but after giving it a longer thought I came up with the idea of getting yet another hosting package at my web host, sharing the fees, and putting up two sites there, one for her and one for me :)

Oh yes, and why did I choose to call myself "Eowyn". Well, Eowyn is one of my characters at PanHistoria and my all-time favourite character in Tolkien's writing. Probably because her story is so sad and I've always loved sad stories :) And just in case that you might wonder, 'Now why doesn't she use the right spelling of the name?' - that would be Éowyn :) Well, for two reasons actually. Eowyn is my handle at and then, this site isn't all about Lord of the Rings ... though it might seem so at first glance :)