Here you can find the various groups I'm member of, plus some webrings :) Just a little warning on the side ... most of the lists below feature slash fiction, so if it's not your cup of tea... You've been warned *smile*

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I wield the sword!
Alliance, a clique supporting the friendship & cooperation among races from Lord of the Rings.

The Brian Kinney fanlisting
The Brian Kinney fanlisting
The Brian Kinney fanlisting. Yup, I have seen the face of God, and his name is Brian Kinney - need I say more?

Guardian of Lorien
Guardian of Lorien - 
				Haldir Appreciation
A fanlisting of ... guess whose fans ... yea, Haldir's :)

The Flower and the Fountain: Glorfindel and Ecthelion
Glorfindel/Ecthelion Fan
The Lord of the Golden Flower and the Lord of the Fountain... Have there ever been two elves more smug and wicked in the whole of Arda?? *lol*

The House of Black
House of Black
The noble and most ancient House of Black ... by the way, Sirius isn't dead!

Kinda Sweet
Kinda Sweet
The fanlisting for the relationship between Brian Kinney and Justin Taylor (Queer As Folk). I think it has already been established that I'm obsessed, so there you are...

The Real Marauders
Remus, Sirius + James Fan
The Real Marauders, no rats allowed :)

The fanlisting for

Torch the Moon
Torch the Moon
The Remus J. Lupin Fanlisting. Oh dear, I always loved Moony *sniffles*

Twin Stars
Twin Stars
A fanlisting for fans of Kamui and Fuuma from the manga and anime "X".

I'm member of so many yahoo groups that I'm only adding the really, really good ones :)

After Class
Harry Potter yahoo group ... for Harry / Severus fiction.

A Haven of Musings
This is the yahoo group I share with Undomiel :) For discussion of our stories and such.

Beloved Enemies
Harry Potter yahoo group ... for Harry / Lucius fiction.

Canis Major
Harry Potter yahoo group ... for Harry / Sirius fiction.

Elf Lore
Lord of the Rings yahoo group ... for all kinds of elven-centered het fiction.

Haldir of Lorien
Lord of the Rings yahoo group ... discussion of and fanfic with Haldir - both het and slash.

Haldir's Realm
Lord of the Rings msn group ... one of the best groups I've found so far. Unfortunately only accepting slash fics, but still you can find absolutely wonderful stories there (e.g. by Undomiel), plus some adorable drawings by Pira (mainly for RuneDancers wonderful "Unspoken story arc").

Hidden Whispers
Hidden Whispers
A fanfiction directory :)

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