Ok, I think I don't have to tell you what you will find here ... the pages below are some of those I visit frequently. You'll be able to find both fan-fiction archives (some of which were so generous to archive my feeble attempts at writing ... thanks again) and other sites that have something to do with Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter ... or I just like them, full stop.

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As the name suggests, this archive is only open to adults (18 years and over). My handle is Eowyn.

Elronds Haus
Fanfic archive and much more. Loads of information on Tolkien's writings and such ... in German.

Well, I don't think I have to write much about ff.net ... for me it's the mother of all fanfic archives - the mother I've walked away from a long time ago *grin* My handle is Eowyn.

Midnight Whispers
This is mostly a QaF fan-fiction archive, but has recently opened to other fandoms as well. Once again, you can find my writing by searching for Eowyn.

n o i r e . s e n s u s
One of my favourite archives, of many different fandoms. I especially love the HP story collection Gramarye.

Parma Eruseen
A wonderful LotR fan-fiction community... I was sooooo happy when I got invited to join :) The adult fiction part is locked and to access it, you first have to join the forum.

Restricted Section.org
A great Harry Potter archive ... mostly NC-17 stories, so you have to be at least 18 to enter the site :)

Elves of Twilight
Aduial Peredhel's homepage and home of the wonderful Glorfindel / Ecthelion story "The Flower and the Fountain"...

Implacida's FanFic
The first ever fan-fiction I read was written by Implacida ... the wonderful "Heart and Body Story Arc".

Jade has written loads of fanfic. I especially adore her Harry Potter fics, e.g. Compromising Positions and Fallen.

Lapsus Calumni
The fan-fic page of Maeglin Yedi, who is the author of both HP and LotR fanfic, though I for one prefer her HP fics.

Loes Valthen
Oh yes, I found her again. Esteliel, author of the lovely "Anestel" (Glorfindel / Legolas). And what's even better, she's hosting two interactive stories and everyone can add to them *grin*

Scared of Sunlight
At long last, TrinityC managed to get her page online *bounce* She's been one of my earliest - dare I say it? - fans; but of course she's also writing some very sweet stories.

Starkindler's Realm
This is the Starkindler's new website (designed by yours truly) ... she has been writing HP fiction for ages and is doing an especially brilliant job at it (esp. when it comes to "Ordinary World"). Recently though, she's been bitten by the QaF virus just like me. And the CSI virus, and the NCIS virus, etc.

Undomiel's Haven
Well, Undomiel is basically my partner-in-crime, my valued beta and my muse ... without her I would have never started writing fanfic. And now she's even doing a spin-off of my "An Unexpected Love" ... check out On First Sight

Refugium Artis - Art's Sanctuary
Mathia... Mathia, Mathia, Mathia. Currently my favourite artist in the LotR and AnK fandom (and he's responsible I know anything about AnK *snickers*). His Erestor is to die for *sigh*

And here's Duckpuppy's home... Lovely HP art to be found there *drool*

The actor behind Haldir *smile* A wonderful site, with loads of brilliant photos, e.g. from TTT *sigh* What more can I say?

Lord of the Rings
Official movie site. Find out all you ever wanted to know about Peter Jackson's wonderful movies. Loads of little bits and bytes for your computer, too...

Harry Potter
Official movie site. The one place to go if you want to find out news about the Harry Potter movies ... brilliant flash animations, too :)

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