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Changing Fate has been updated once more. Enjoy!

And me again :) Changing Fate has been updated. Enjoy!

The newest chapter of Then and Now is up and ready for your reading pleasures. I didn't forget to post this time!! Wheeeee!

I are a muppet. I forgot to upload the newest update of Then and Now when it was posted elsewhere, so ... um ... update is up?

Also, I started on a new story thanks to the trailer for The Battle of the Five Armies. So here is the first chapter of Changing Fate. Enjoy!

Then and Now has been updated once more. Enjoy!

I was writing a little ficlet for the Hobbit Story Big Bang, and now that I posted it all up on LJ and Ao3, I thought I'd share it here as well. Enjoy Try (and the lovely fanart that comes with it) :D

Then and Now has been updated again. Enjoy!

I am very sorry about the delay, but a new chapter of Then and Now is up for your reading pleasure now. Enjoy!

It's an update!! *faints* First of all, let me wish you all a very Happy New Hobbity Year, and all the best. Now, Thorin and Bilbo would join in with the good wishes, but they are a bit busy in the newest chapter / interlude of Then and Now. And I'm also very thrilled to give you the first digital painting to go with my story, crafted by the wonderful Jadedsilk. I'm so excited! Anyway, enjoy :)

I'm not giving you a new chapter today, but a new ficlet instead :) A Desolation of Smaug ficlet to be exact. Have a looksie at My Arkenstone. Hope you enjoy it!

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas. Have an early pressy in the form of a new chapter of Then and Now. Enjoy!

Then and Now has been updated, but the aforementioned plot bunnies are still bouncing around and started to bite my ankles. Noes! Anyway, enjoy!

Extended Edition has been bought and enjoyed, and oh, that one scene in Rivendell...there's plot bunnies hopping around me :P But before we get to them, have a new chapter of Then and Now ;) Enjoy!