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It took about six or seven times of watching "The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey" for me to finally cave and start writing again. Bad movie! And I still can't say where the idea came from, it was just floating around my head one day at work and, well, it wouldn't take "no" for an answer.

First of all, I would like to mention that I don't do unhappy endings. I do Angst, and lots of it, but sad endings need not apply. Also, considering the Creation of the Dwarves and the fact that Thorin mentions the "Halls of Waiting" on his deathbed, I believe that dwarves like elves are linked to the world and as such are able to journey to Valinor (only they tend to do it after they die). I also believe that if Námo can have his Halls, so can Aulë. And because the Valar would be somewhat racist towards the hobbits otherwise, our dearest halflings also have a chance at seeing the Undying Lands...if their deeds were great enough (by hobbit standards) or they are involved in some Valar-plot, eh, I mean, plan. The Valar do not do plots.

After the death of Thorin Oakenshield and his nephews, Bilbo returned to the Shire to live a quiet life, secretly mourning what he lost in the Battle of the Five Armies. The journey to Valinor promises to finally give him peace before he will rest forever. But sometimes things aren't as hopeless as they seem and there might be a happy end for the old hobbit after all.

For a list of the available chapters, please see below.

Chapter 1 - Of Nightmares and Memories Chapter 23 - The Heart of a Hobbit
Chapter 2 - White Shores Chapter 24 - Proper Hobbit Cooking
Chapter 3 - Reunion Interlude - Tonight
Interlude - You're Mine Chapter 25 - Vision Past and Present
Chapter 4 - Of Hobbits and Courting Chapter 26 - Planning for the Future
Chapter 5 - A Hobbit's Schemes Chapter 27 - Of Letters and Plans
Chapter 6 - Of Elven Mischief-makers Chapter 28 - The Scarf
Chapter 7 - Many Meetings Chapter 29 - Unwelcome News
Chapter 8 - Nothing to Forgive Chapter 30 - The Worst Patient Ever
Interlude - Better than Memories Chapter 31 - Fool of a King
Chapter 9 - Preparations Chapter 32 - Of Tea and Apologies
Chapter 10 - Setting Out Chapter 33 - Love Knows no Bounds
Chapter 11 - On the Road Chapter 34 - Surprising Wisdom
Chapter 12 - Waiting Interlude - Hunger
Chapter 13 - Don't Leave Me Chapter 35 - A Reason to Celebrate?
Chapter 14 - Awake Chapter 36 - A Broken Heart
Chapter 15 - Erebor Awaits Chapter 37 - Revelations
Chapter 16 - A New World Chapter 38 - Past, Present and Future Entwined
Chapter 17 - To Make You See Chapter 39 - A Plan is Forged
Interlude - Here with Me
Chapter 18 - Snow Comes to Erebor
Chapter 19 - Of Solstice Past and Yule Present
Chapter 20 - Gifts Given and Gifts Received
Chapter 21 - A Conspiracy
Chapter 22 - The Plans of Elves